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Getting Into Character – By Lisa Roberts

Recently we posted a link to an article called ‘Haters Gone Hate – A TL;DR retelling of my year as Mr. Clever‘ written by Lisa Roberts. The article focused on a number of elements including bullying, conventions and portraying Mr Clever.

LisaRoberts_conlife_before-n-afterFollowing on from that Lisa has written another article, this time on ‘Getting into Character‘ which can be found on Cosplay Robot.

Have a read of it and tell us what you think.

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Sibylline Sister Pyrovile Infection by Mandar

Here at Doctor-Who-Cosplay.com we like to try to bring you a selection of different content. A little while ago we featured Mandar and her take on Mr Clever, well she’s back and this time shares a guide for how to make a stone arm like those the ‘infected’ members of the Sibylline Sisterhood have in the Fires of Pompeii.

Ever dreamed of becoming a Pyrovile? Well here’s how! Continue reading Sibylline Sister Pyrovile Infection by Mandar