The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 11: Donna Noble by Kelldar

Welcome back to the Cosplay Spotlight! It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since the last article!

What we’d like to do is make the Cosplay Spotlight a more regular feature, but to do that we need your help! Details of how to take part will be at the end of this article.

d35For this edition of the Cosplay Spotlight we catch up with Kelldar, who you might know for her Donna Noble costumes (among others), as she talks us through her Donna Noble flapper dress from the Unicorn and the Wasp.

Over to Kell:

“I’ve been doing Donna costumes for a couple of years but my favourite costume of hers and ultimate goal was doing her “Unicorn & the Wasp” flapper dress. Last year, I decided to finally tackle it for DragonCon 2014. I worked on it off and on over the summer, and, a couple of weeks before the con, realized there was far too much left to do and had to set it aside. (I did Fires of Pompeii instead!)

I honestly never thought I’d pick it up again, because I’m lazy like that, but May of this year I got called up for jury duty and immediately tried to think of what kind of projects I could take with me while sitting in a jury room for hours on end.

d24I realized my Donna dress would be perfect for it, so I pulled out what I had started on, and decided it was better to start fresh. I used screen-caps to draw out the designs and printed them out full size so I could trace the basic elements onto my fabric. I then used that as a guideline for doing a basic serpentine stitch over each design. And then I found out I couldn’t take scissors or needles to jury duty, so that was a moot point! (Thankfully, I was only there for a day before getting dismissed).

I spent the next couple of months beading and embroidering over my guidelines. Once the front piece was finished, I attached it to the back panel, lined it, and attached the straps and made the belt. I made/beaded/embroidered the cape piece next, and sewed it in place on the back. I also made the necklace and painted my shoes. I added a vintage clutch from my grandmother and a magnifying glass prop by my husband and I was ready for Dragon Con 2015.”

d18As we mentioned at the beginning of this post we want to make the Cosplay Spotlight articles a more regular feature on the website. To take part tell us why you cosplay and what made you choose the characters you have. It can be as long or as short as you like! If it’s a short piece (a paragraph or two) send us your favourite picture of you in the outfit you mention and we’ll include it in a multi-cosplayer post (like the first few Cosplay Spotlight articles) or for a longer piece send us a selection of pictures. Looking for inspiration? Have a read of the previous posts.

We’re hoping to keep the Cosplay Spotlight as a regular series with a mix of individual features and multi-cosplayer articles. If you want to take part simply email us at

That’s it for this Cosplay Spotlight article, but remember we want to hear from you!

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