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The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 11: Donna Noble by Kelldar

Welcome back to the Cosplay Spotlight! It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since the last article!

What we’d like to do is make the Cosplay Spotlight a more regular feature, but to do that we need your help! Details of how to take part will be at the end of this article.

d35For this edition of the Cosplay Spotlight we catch up with Kelldar, who you might know for her Donna Noble costumes (among others), as she talks us through her Donna Noble flapper dress from the Unicorn and the Wasp. Continue reading The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 11: Donna Noble by Kelldar

Getting Into Character – By Lisa Roberts

Recently we posted a link to an article called ‘Haters Gone Hate – A TL;DR retelling of my year as Mr. Clever‘ written by Lisa Roberts. The article focused on a number of elements including bullying, conventions and portraying Mr Clever.

LisaRoberts_conlife_before-n-afterFollowing on from that Lisa has written another article, this time on ‘Getting into Character‘ which can be found on Cosplay Robot.

Have a read of it and tell us what you think.

If you’d like to do an article submission for our website we’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget we also have out Cosplay Spotlight series as well.

If you like to send us a submission please email us at DWCosplayers@gmail.com

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Cosplay Spotlight – Part 10: Rose Tyler by Variable

Recently we brought back the Cosplay Spotlight with a feature on Belle Dormante Cosplays’ portrayal of Clara Oswald. Following that we deiced we wanted to try to make the Cosplay Spotlight a more regular feature.

A while ago we posted Variable’s pin up Rose Tyler pictures on our page and at the time we decided we wanted to do a feature with her, the only problem for us (and her) was finding the time…

As you know, we like to find out a bit more about cosplayers, why do they cosplay and why they choose that particular character. At this point we’ll pass you over to Variable so she can tell you why she chose Rose and the costumes emotional first outing…

Cosplayer: Variable Character: Rose Tyler - Pin Up Photographer: SGH PhotoArt

Continue reading Cosplay Spotlight – Part 10: Rose Tyler by Variable

The Cosplay Spotlight

Welcome to our new series of posts entitled ‘The Cosplay Spotlight‘, as you know we’re big fans of Doctor Who Cosplay and the cosplayers (it’s because of them that we run this webiste). What we wanted to to was showcase a selection of cosplayers and find out why they cosplay and why they pick the characters that they do.

A little while back The League of Extraordinary Cosplayers did a feature on Doctor Who companion cosplayers, we really liked it so have used that idea as a basis for this series.

What we didn’t want to do is a ‘Best of’ or something similar because who are we to judge if one cosplayer is ‘better’ than another? So instead we’ve created a series of posts that anyone can take part in.

The initial plan was for each post to be focused on just one character, once we started receiving submissions we realised that this idea wouldn’t really work, so instead we’ve tried to do a mix cosplayers and characters from around the world.

Here our our first 5 cosplayers, hope you enjoy what they have to say: Continue reading The Cosplay Spotlight