Be Our Social Media Profile Picture

Every month the Doctor Who Cosplay social media pages (Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter) will change its profile picture and we’re looking for your submissions!

Matilda Crow as the Eleventh Doctor
Our September Profile Picture: Matilda Crow as the Eleventh Doctor

To submit your picture to us here’s what you need to do:

  • Send us your potential picture in a direct message to our Facebook page or email it to us at
  • Clearly mark it as a profile picture submission (if not we’ll just add it to our scheduled posts)

On the 15th of each month we will post all the pictures that have been submitted into an album and the picture that has received the most likes at the end of the month will be the profile picture for the next month.

Simples 🙂

Don’t forget that this is meant to be a bit of fun and gives everyone the opportunity to send us a picture. It is not meant to be a serious competition!

We have a look through the ‘likes’ to make sure they are genuine. We had a Cybermat get into the system recently, luckily the Doctor was on hand to deal with it. The result was a number of spam/fake accounts all liking a picture, those likes will not be counted.

Lizzie's Cosplay as Jenny
Our December Profile Picture: Lizzie’s Cosplay as Jenny

The rules:

  • One submission per person per month
  • You must have permission to use the photo (ie it’s yours or you have permission from the photographer)
  • It must be a cosplay picture (it can have a celebrity featured but they must also be in costume)
  • The picture cannot have been a profile picture for the page previously.

What we’d like to know:

Tell us about the picture, who is featured, what characters are shown, where was it taken. The more information you tell us the more we can include on the picture when we post it 🙂

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