Sibylline Sisterhood Tutorial

Sibylline Sister Pyrovile Infection by Mandar

Here at we like to try to bring you a selection of different content. A little while ago we featured Mandar and her take on Mr Clever, well she’s back and this time shares a guide for how to make a stone arm like those the ‘infected’ members of the Sibylline Sisterhood have in the Fires of Pompeii.

Ever dreamed of becoming a Pyrovile? Well here’s how!

Post was originally written for Mandar blog

This is something I created for my “Fires of Pompeii” cosplay at a local Doctor Who TV party/Free Comic Book Day event. I had gotten so many questions and tutorial requests that I decided to post a little ‘how to’ on here.

Sibylline Sisterhood Tutorial

What you will need:

  • Disposable Makeup brushes (stippling, paddle, and shadow)
  • Black, White, and Gray cream and powder makeup
  • 3 ply toilet paper
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Metal palette 

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialFirst start by sectioning off the toilet paper into squares and set them in a pile.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialNext pull the plys apart so that you have three thin pieces. Once you’ve separ;ated the plys set them aside to be used later.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialThen add some glue to your palette.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialUsing your disposable brush proceed to paint the area of your arm you intend to look like stone.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialOnce you have the area fully saturated take your stack of toilet paper and apply a thin layer over the glue.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialGently ruffle each piece to give it a stone like texture. 

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialPull edges to give it an organic look and to blend out any harsh lines.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialLet that first layer dry for five minutes.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialAfter the layer you just applied has set, apply a thin layer of glue on top of it. This will seal in the the paper and give it a smooth rubbery texture that will help the makeup adhere.

Let dry for another five minutes and apply any touch ups before moving on to the next step.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialOnce the area is fully dry it should no longer be sticky or soft. Taking a clean section of your palette, mix your cream makeup. I used 75% gray and 25% black. Blend together just enough to still see the two separate colors. 

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialUsing your stippling brush dab on the cream makeup. This will give it the uneven stone look you want.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialNext grab your powder brush and eyeshadows. Use them to blend out the edges of your application. I like having the effect darken as it blends into your skin.

Let the cream makeup sit for around ten minutes so that it can completely set.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialFor your final step use the stippling brush and your white cream makeup to apply specks of white to give the final look of stone.

Sibylline Sisterhood TutorialYour final product should look something like this. Get ready for many oohs and aahs when people see this is awesome addition to your costume!

What we hope to do in the future is bring you more articles and ‘how to’ guides like this, if you’ve got something you’d like to share with us please email

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