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‘Mr Clever’ by Mandar

Occasionally here at we see a cosplay that we don’t see very often or in some cases that we’ve never seen before. One such example was sent to us by Mandar with her hand made version of ‘Mr Clever’ from Nightmare in Silver.

Mr Clever by Amanda SomsakHaving seen the pictures and loving the effort that had been put into making the prosthetic, we just had to find out a bit more:

Why Mr Clever:

At the time I didn’t even know this character would have its own name. I started working on this character a week before the episode aired. I always dress up for viewing parties at a local comic book store. The week before I dressed up as a soothsayer from “fires of Pompeii” and turned my arm to stone using makeup (we’d also love to know how she made this – Continue reading ‘Mr Clever’ by Mandar