An Adventure with Ties in Space – Fashion Blog

As you know in addition to our normal posts we like to share interesting cosplay related stories, photosets and articles, such as Getting into Character – By Lisa Roberts, Whovian Engagement Photos and The Cosplay Spotlight.

Recently we were sent a link to ‘An Adventure with Ties in Space‘, which is an alternative fashion blog for men to allow them to put together a modern wardrobe with added Time Lord style!

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Choose our October Profile Picture

Here are all the potential profile pictures for our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts for October.

Have a look through the album and click here to vote for your favourites.

As we’ve had a bit of a break there are quite a few to choose from! We’ve even got multiple entries from a couple of cosplayers (normally not allowed) as there are ones that were submitted while we were on our sabbatical.

We change our profile picture each month, if you want to send us a submission in the future here’s how:

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