Mr Clever by Mandar

‘Mr Clever’ by Mandar

Occasionally here at we see a cosplay that we don’t see very often or in some cases that we’ve never seen before. One such example was sent to us by Mandar with her hand made version of ‘Mr Clever’ from Nightmare in Silver.

Mr Clever by Amanda SomsakHaving seen the pictures and loving the effort that had been put into making the prosthetic, we just had to find out a bit more:

Why Mr Clever:

At the time I didn’t even know this character would have its own name. I started working on this character a week before the episode aired. I always dress up for viewing parties at a local comic book store. The week before I dressed up as a soothsayer from “fires of Pompeii” and turned my arm to stone using makeup (we’d also love to know how she made this –

I was speaking to a friend about what I should do next. Originally I was going to do the glowing veins from “The Hungry Earth” episodes. Unfortunately I was having trouble getting the effect I wanted and had to scratch that idea. My friend had mentioned maybe I should try and make the cyber electronics worn in the previews to the next episode. I thought it was a great idea and got to work right away.

Mr Clever by Amanda SomsakThe hardest part about creating the cyber prosthetics was actually the lack of photos to base it off of. I sat with a screen shot zoomed in on my iPad moulding the prosthetic out of foam clay for four days!

The finished product is something I’m really quite proud of. I’m also certain that I am one of the first to do this cosplay since I was actually wearing it while the episode aired.

How it’s made:

I used a beauty school head form to mould the piece on.  I‘ve used this for many masks and things that I make so that they fit the face better. I also used a brand of clay called “cloud clay”. It dries as a foam so it is still flexible when applied to the face.

Mr Clever by Amanda SomsakFirst I moulded the basic shape, adding ridges and gaps where they should be. After I got the basic shape I let it dry overnight. For paint I used a mixture of acrylic, watercolour, and nail polish. The nail Polish is what gave it that gloss and really made it look as if it was metal. I found the acrylic made a fantastic base and the watercolour worked best for shading.

Application became the tricky part. This clay can’t stand up to water or liquid. It’s supposed to break down and become soft again when wet. What I chose to use was lash glue when applying. The reason being that I would need to use a remover with spirit gum and then I wouldn’t be able to reuse the prosthetic. Since I used lash glue it peeled right off when I was ready and I was able to reuse it again for SDCC a few months later!

Mr Clever by Amanda Somsak
We really like how the cosplay turned out and it’d great to get an insight as to how it was made! If you want to send us examples of your cosplay email us at or visit our Facebook Page.

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