Looking Forward – The Next 12 Months…

As you’re (hopefully) aware we’ve now been up and running for a whole year! If you haven’t read it yet, give our Happy Birthday post a read as we have a look back over how we think we’ve done.

As part of our looking back we’ve also looked to see what’s been popular on our website, below you can see the top 10 posts since we started the site back in December 2013.

Top 10 posts so far (excluding Pictures of the Day)

  1. Photo Galleries
  2. The Cosplay Spotlight
  3. Be Our Social Media Profile Picture
  4. The Doctor and her Tardis by Kanami Kosplay and MagykTrix Cosplay
  5. Sibylline Sister Pyrovile Infection by Mandar
  6. The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 4
  7. ‘Mr Clever’ by Mandar
  8. The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 2
  9. Eighth Doctors Tardis by Arisu Cosplay
  10. The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 3

But that’s enough looking back, we want to look forward to the next year to see how we can improve the experience for you! Here’s our initial thoughts, want to let us know you opinion, email us at DWCosplayers@gmail.com

The DWC Forum

We want to make more of the Forum, it’s a great resource and allows people to talk with like-minded fans! If you didn’t know we had a Forum please give it a look and sign up!

What we’re also going to do is have a ‘Forum Topic of the Week’, this will be publicized on our Facebook, Twitter and Website and hopefully it’ll encourage to join in the conversation 🙂

The DWC Website

We think the website is going quite well, a good number of people are visiting on a daily basis and our posts are well read. What we want to do is bring you more content, to do this though we need your help, as after all this site is about you, the Cosplayers.

We’re going to add a section on tutorials and link to YouTube videos or other tutorials we find, if you have a write up that you’d like to send us like the ones Mandar did for her Mr Clever and Pyrovile please get in touch via email. Ideally we want to build up a wide variety of tutorials that cover a number of characters.

We also want to hear more of your stories, segments like the Cosplay Spotlight have proved really popular as the give more detail about the cosplayers. Again if you’d like to contribute something please email us.

Social Media

We think this is working quite well, we’ve increased the number of posts we do on Facebook to allow us to keep us and we still keep an eye out on our hashtag #DWCosplay and have flurries of sharing what we find.

We’ve also been able to ensure that comments are well moderated and anything offensive is swiftly dealt with.

Our Own Doctor Who Page

Hopefully (any day now) we’ll be able to officially launch our own Doctor Who page! Keep an eye out for more details!

If you’d like to be featured in the ‘Cosplay Spotlight‘  or you want to provide an article or feedback please email  us at DWCosplayers@gmail.com

Join the Doctor Who Cosplay Forum
Visit our Facebook Page
Visit our Tumblr Blog

Cover image from Jase Walker

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