How To Share Your Pictures With Us

The key to the Doctor Who Cosplay community being a success is you, each and every one of you. Without you sending in your pictures we have no content to share and with no content we have nothing :(

So, the question is, what is the best way for you to share your content with us, well, here’s how…

Facebook (

Nacole Vickery as Catkind
Nacole Vickery as Catkind

If you’re on Facebook and you want to show us examples of your cosplay or you want to share cosplay related content the best way of doing this is to post it straight on our page wall. From there we’ll either share it (for links etc) or upload it to the page (pictures).

If you don’t want to post direct to the wall you can also contact us by message, just click the message box on the page and get in touch.

The key for either method of contact is tell us a bit about your pictures, ie who’s in them, the characters, where they were taken, who the photographer was. The more info you tell us the more information we can put on your picture :) The minimum info we really need is your name and the character.

As we tend to avoid live posting all the pictures will be uploaded and added to our posting schedule. We have pictures scheduled to post every 3hrs (Midnight, 3am, 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm GMT). We’ll add the pictures to the schedule from the wall first and then those that have been sent to us by message. Due to the number of pictures we get it may take a little while for your picture to appear, but don’t worry it will show up eventually 🙂

We want to share as many pictures as possible but at the same time we don’t want to flood people with the ‘same old faces’ so when you send us pictures or post them on our wall only send a couple at a time and then if you have more to share send them a couple of days later. That way we can share as many different people as possible.

All our pictures are taggable so if you see yourself or a friend please feel free to tag them. The Facebook page is also linked our Twitter account so pictures we upload to Facebook will normally also feature on Twitter.

Daniel Pederson as the Eighth Doctor
Daniel Pederson as the Eighth Doctor

On Facebook we are also keen to promote other Doctor Who Cosplay related groups and pages, it does not have to be a cosplay page but must be cosplay related in some way (ie if you’re a photographer and have DW Cosplay pics featured on you page). We do not do promo posts, however what we have is a specific picture album for pages groups. To have your page/group added to our album send us a picture (DW Cosplay related), the page/group name (and link) and a bit of information and we’ll add it to the album.

Tumblr (

If you’re a Tumblr user the best way to get us to share your pictures is to use the submit/submission button on our page.Tell us about your picture,who’s in it, what characters, where was it taken, all the usual stuff. If you have websites/FB Pages/Dev Art Accounts provide a link to them as well.

With Tumblr we’ll be linking it to our Twitter account, we’ll also be cross sharing some posts to Facebook as well (we want all our social media sites to be as joined up as possible).

In addition to the submission button we’ll aslo be keeping a close eye on our chosen tag: #DWCosplay if you use that tag we’ll spot your pictures and add them to our reblog queue.

Twitter (@DWCosplay)

Courtoon as the Fifth Doctor
Courtoon as the Fifth Doctor

As mentioned above the Twitter account is linked to both our Facebook and Tumblr accounts, as such the majority of the content will be from those sources. However if you want to get in contact via Twitter simply tweet your pictures to us and we’ll retweet them.We’ll also use Twitter while we’re out and about so if we snap any pictures at events we’ll tweet them.

As with Tumblr we’ll also be keeping an eye on the #DWCosplay hashtag so if you use that in a tweet we’ll most likely spot it and retweet it :)

Website (

We’ve also got our website, on the site you’ll find our Picture of the Day. In addition we also have the Cosplay Spotlight as well as other short articles. If you would like to contribute something please email us at

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