About Us

What we want to achieve:

Our main aim is to build a Doctor Who themed Cosplay community. Unfortunately this is easier said than done as both cosplay and the DW fandom are plagued with politics and egos…

What we want to do is make a friendly and welcoming environment that is home to everyone from first time cosplayers to seasoned veterans and professional lookalikes.

The aim being they can all chat and swap ideas and advice.What we also want to do is have a page that cuts through all fandom politics and is respected by everyone, it’s not about being the biggest. It shouldn’t matter how long you have liked the show, who your favourite Doctor or companion is, what Facebook pages you follow or if you are a Whovian or a Dweek.

At the end of the day we are all fans and should treat each other with as we would want to be treated ourselves.

How we’re going to achieve it:

We have a simple strategy that we will stick to, here it is:

  • Stay on topic. We will only post Doctor Who Cosplay related content on the Facebook/Twitter and Tumblr accounts, the Forum will be majority Cosplay by has off topic areas.
  • Good Moderation. Simple one really. People should be comfortable to post pictures without fear of being trolled. As time goes by we will add admins/moderators to ensure we can cope.
  • No promo for promo. It’s a bit tacky really… We will not share pages just for the sake of sharing them, however if they have DW cosplay related content we’ll happily share/repost that (see stay on topic). We also have a Cosplay Pages/Groups album on the Facebook page. If people want to submit pictures to that we’ll post them and include the page/group details.
  • No politics/drama. Simples
  • Treat everyone equally. It shouldn’t matter if it’s a convention picture, store bought costume or a professional photoshoot, all content is equally valid and deserves to be shared.

What we’d like from you:

Interaction, pure and simple interaction. If you like what we do please tell others or share the content or give us a mention in a status. What we’re not looking for is a load of promo posts, a one off increase in likes/follows and then nothing, our objective is to build an active community and the only way to do that is to have people talking.

Social Platforms:

In order to do our best to make a community we’re working on having linked pages on the main social media platforms, ie Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It’s all in the early stages at the moment but it’s all moving in the right direction. We’re also using one hashtag across all platforms, it’s #DWCosplay

Here are the links:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and remember:

It’s not about likes, it’s about sharing great cosplay
It’s not about promo for promo, it’s about sharing great cosplay
It’s not about the page, it’s about sharing great cosplay
It’s all about all of you 🙂

One thought on “About Us”

  1. Hey,

    I’m Jen from Another Castle, and wanted to drop a comment letting you know how much I’m digging your work. If you’re interested in expanding your readership, we’re always looking for contributors. You can post the same material you would on here and provide an ‘About the Author’ at the bottom of each of your pieces.

    As for us, we’re a small group of writers, mostly new, dedicated to ‘All Things Nerd’. We help train writers on journalistic style writing, how to develop media relationships, and provide support as a community. Our readership continues to grow month after month, currently providing news, reviews, previews, and lists for more than 15,000 readers a month.

    Let me know if this would be something you’d be interested in, and we can get you aboard almost immediately. Regardless, keep up the awesome pieces and I’ll keep coming back!

    Best of everything,



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