Haters Gone Hate – A TL;DR retelling of my year as Mr. Clever

A great Blog Post from Lisa Roberts on conventions, bullying and Mr Clever!

Communiqués from the Cyberiad

It’s been over a year cosplaying as Mr. Clever. I’m writing this because I wanted to document all of the ups and downs I have had in 2014, because so many people have asked me to share my experiences. This whole post may ramble or seem to jump around but stay with me because there is a point to make in all this even if it takes a year to make it.

The most common question I get is “How did you get started?” I started because all of my friends were having so much fun doing it, but couldn’t for the life of me find a character I was comfortable cosplaying. I hated and trashed all the costumes I tried. But I fell in love with Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and thought I’d give that character a whirl. I tried different variations but none of them felt right.

Then I…

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