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The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 4

It’s time for the fourth installment of the cosplay spotlight, once again 5 cosplayers tell you a bit more about themselves and why they cosplay the characters that they do.

It’s been really good to see the different mix of cosplays from across the world, one of the best things is seeing all the different variations in costumes. Continue reading The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 4

Character Cosplay Posts

A little while ago the League of Extraordinary Cosplayers did a series of posts to celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

One of the posts focused on Doctor Who Companion cosplays, the ideas was to show a selection of cosplayers and give a paragraph to say why they like that character.

We really liked this idea, so… we thought we’d borrow it 🙂 Continue reading Character Cosplay Posts