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Whovian Engagement Photos

TJ and Timmy Engagement Photos by Shaun Menary Photography

As you know we love sharing Doctor Who cosplay pictures, in fact that’s what we’re all about!

Recently we were sent two Doctor Who themed engagement photos and, to be honest, we loved them! When we found out that there were more we just had to share them with all of you! Continue reading Whovian Engagement Photos

Picture of the Day – 21st February 2014

Cosplayers: The Temporal Riffs

Cosplayers: The Temporal Riffs
Characters: Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors with Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness

“The Temporal Riffs is a Filk band that specializes in the art of comedic parody. Come join this witty troupe of cosplayers for a stageshow spectacular!”

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