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Our May Profile Picture Is…

Cosplayer: Jacklyn Black Cosplay Character: Fourth Doctor

Congratulations to Jacklyn Black Cosplay who is our May profile picture.  The picture will be used as our avatar for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

If you’d like to submit a potential profile picture for next month, follow this link.

The Cut of date for submitting pictures is 23:59 on the 14th of each month (UK Time – GMT).

Below is an album showing our previous profile pictures.

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The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 3

We’re back for our (what we hope to be) weekly Cosplay Spotlight post.

We let 5 cosplayers tell you a bit more about why they cosplay and why the pick the characters they do. We hope you’ve been enjoying the series so far, if you’d like to take part details of how to do so can be found at the end of this post. Continue reading The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 3

The Cosplay Spotlight

Welcome to our new series of posts entitled ‘The Cosplay Spotlight‘, as you know we’re big fans of Doctor Who Cosplay and the cosplayers (it’s because of them that we run this webiste). What we wanted to to was showcase a selection of cosplayers and find out why they cosplay and why they pick the characters that they do.

A little while back The League of Extraordinary Cosplayers did a feature on Doctor Who companion cosplayers, we really liked it so have used that idea as a basis for this series.

What we didn’t want to do is a ‘Best of’ or something similar because who are we to judge if one cosplayer is ‘better’ than another? So instead we’ve created a series of posts that anyone can take part in.

The initial plan was for each post to be focused on just one character, once we started receiving submissions we realised that this idea wouldn’t really work, so instead we’ve tried to do a mix cosplayers and characters from around the world.

Here our our first 5 cosplayers, hope you enjoy what they have to say: Continue reading The Cosplay Spotlight