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Looking Forward – The Next 12 Months…

As you’re (hopefully) aware we’ve now been up and running for a whole year! If you haven’t read it yet, give our Happy Birthday post a read as we have a look back over how we think we’ve done.

As part of our looking back we’ve also looked to see what’s been popular on our website, below you can see the top 10 posts since we started the site back in December 2013. Continue reading Looking Forward – The Next 12 Months…

Happy Birthday To Us!

Tomorrow (August 20th, the same day as Sylvester McCoy’s and Sophie Aldred’s birthday) our Facebook page will be one year old! Yes it’s official we’ve been posting your pictures for a whole year.

In this, actually quite short, space of time we think we’ve done OK for ourselves. We’ve gone from having 0 followers to over 27,000 on Facebook, we’ve set up our own dedicated cosplay forum which now has over 200 members, built our own website which receives a steady stream of hits, launched our own Tumblr and we’re still keeping our Twitter active as well. Not bad for a small team!

Continue reading Happy Birthday To Us!

We Have A Forum Now, Forums Are Cool…

In case you’d missed it the Doctor Who Cosplay page has a forum!

The forum address is: (you’ll need to register to use it).

Why have a forum?

We pondered this for a while and while Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are good they didn’t really have the discussion capability we were looking for so a forum was the obvious choice. Continue reading We Have A Forum Now, Forums Are Cool…

Share Your Page With Us

Do you have a Doctor Who Cosplay page/group/site or does your page/group/site feature Doctor Who Cosplay?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then we want to hear from you! As you know we do not do page shares or promo/shoutouts, what we do have is a dedicated album on Facebook for cosplay pages, groups and sites. Continue reading Share Your Page With Us

How to Share Your Pictures With Us

The key to the Doctor Who Cosplay page being a success is you, each and every one of you. Without you sending in your pictures we have no content to share and with no content we have no page 😦

So, the question is, what is the best way for you to share your content with us, well, here’s how… Continue reading How to Share Your Pictures With Us