Cosplayer: Variable Character: Rose Tyler - Pin Up Photographer: SGH PhotoArt

Cosplay Spotlight – Part 10: Rose Tyler by Variable

Recently we brought back the Cosplay Spotlight with a feature on Belle Dormante Cosplays’ portrayal of Clara Oswald. Following that we deiced we wanted to try to make the Cosplay Spotlight a more regular feature.

A while ago we posted Variable’s pin up Rose Tyler pictures on our page and at the time we decided we wanted to do a feature with her, the only problem for us (and her) was finding the time…

As you know, we like to find out a bit more about cosplayers, why do they cosplay and why they choose that particular character. At this point we’ll pass you over to Variable so she can tell you why she chose Rose and the costumes emotional first outing…

Cosplayer: Variable Character: Rose Tyler - Pin Up Photographer: SGH PhotoArt

“I grew up in Australia with The Fourth Doctor on TV, so the Fourth Doctor was always “my Doctor” (I also have a genderbent Fourth Doctor cosplay). My favourite companion was Sarah Jane Smith (followed by Romana II), and I thought jellybabies were the greatest diplomatic tool outside Star Trek: The Next Generation

When the new series started, I was excited but anxious – we hadn’t had a Doctor since McGann, who I loved in his role, but were we really getting Doctor Who back, or was this going to be short-lived again? And then I watched S01E1 – “Rose”….

Cosplayer: Variable Character: Rose Tyler Photographer: Joits PhotographyI was sold on her character after S01E08 – “Fathers’ Day”, having lost my own dad after a similar accident when I was very young. I identified with Rose really strongly at that point, and still bawl my eyes out every time I see that episode. Over time the appeal of her character grew on me even more strongly, and she became my favourite companion.

Unsurprisingly I’d been wanting to cosplay Rose for years after that, but I was determined to cosplay her Idiot’s Lantern costume and I was having a lot of trouble searching for the specific out-of-production TopShop Moto jacket (it was never in my size when I did find it). It wasn’t until I was asked to couple cosplay an altogether different duo with a cosplayer who also cosplays Tenth Doctor that I bit the bullet and decided to make Rose instead to match him – without the TopShop jacket. I took it to California with me to shoot together, and wore it for the first time at Anime Los Angeles.

It was a very emotional day. One of my young cousins passed away unexpectedly the day before, only days after losing my uncle, but I was a world away and couldn’t change my flights. Cosplay In America was the one who motivated me to pick myself up, get out of distressed hermit-mode, and head to a convention to surround myself with wonderful people. My costume choice was easy; my aunt’s name is Rose.”

Cosplayer: Variable Character: Rose Tyler Photographer: Joits PhotographyWe loved Variables Rose cosplay and the pin up style pictures she did when we first saw them, now having read the story behind it just makes the whole thing more special.

That’s it for this Cosplay Spotlight article, but remember we want to hear from you! Tell us why you cosplay and what made you choose the characters you have. We’re hoping to keep the Cosplay Spotlight as a regular series with a mix of individual features and multi-cosplayer articles. If you want to take part simply email us at

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