Whovian Engagement Photos

TJ and Timmy Engagement Photos by Shaun Menary Photography

As you know we love sharing Doctor Who cosplay pictures, in fact that’s what we’re all about!

Recently we were sent two Doctor Who themed engagement photos and, to be honest, we loved them! When we found out that there were more we just had to share them with all of you!

TJ and Timmy Engagement Photos by Shaun Menary Photography Meet TJ (Tenth Doctor) and Timmy (Ninth Doctor) from Dallas, Texas. To celebrate their engagement they had some truly fantastic (and unique) photos taken, complete with a (beautiful) Tardis built specifically for the occasion.

The shoot took place in an empty, and we’re told very warm, warehouse in Deep Ellum, Dallas and was conducted by Shaun and Shannon Menary, of Shaun Menary Photography, who, I’m sure you’ll all agree have done a brilliant job!

When asked about their non-standard choice of engagement pictures they said “We couldn’t just take ‘normal people’ engagement photos… We aren’t normal people!… …We wanted to bring the Whovian fandom and the LGBT community together and we think we did a tasteful job”

TJ and Timmy Engagement Photos by Shaun Menary Photography The guys got engaged last November “He proposed while we were hiking on a mountain in Japan… …We were surrounded by monkeys and were almost killed by a giant Japanese wasp.” said TJ.

When not traveling and being pursued by giant wasps the pair own and run a day spa together in Dallas.

“Between running a business together, living together, and traveling through time and space together… an unhealthy obsession with a TV show is what keeps some sliver of sanity in our lives!”

Their wedding is planned for November 8th this year and we wish TJ and Timmy every happiness and many years together! Congratulations guys!

You can see the full album of pictures on our Facebook page.

TJ and Timmy Engagement Photos by Shaun Menary Photography

If you’ve got something you like to share with us please get in touch! We can be contacted by email (DWCosplayers@gmail.com) or via Facebook and Twitter.

All pictures in this post are from Shaun Menary Photography

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