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The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 6

It’s Sunday, so once again it’s time for the ‘Cosplay Spotlight‘. By the end of this article we’ll have heard from 30 cosplayers (over the last 6 weeks) as to why they cosplay and why they chose those characters.

Part 7 of the Cosplay Spotlight will be a special on Prop-play by the ‘Old Girl’ Tardis.

If you like to take part in a future edition of the Cosplay Spotlight the details of how to do so are at the end of this article. Now it’s time for the cosplayers to do the talking:

Cosplayer: Kristin Williams
Character: Amy Pond

Location: USA

Cosplayers: Amy Pond cosplayer/Kristin Williams Character: Amy PondCosplaying for me is an outlet, for that one moment in time I have the opportunity to be someone else for a while. To be a character that gave people hope. To be a character that was brave, strong and inspirational. I get the chance to be the exact person I always wanted to be but was always scared of what people would think. I love being able to entertain people and make people smile. Having any opportunity to spread joy to others is a major accomplishment within itself.

Amy Pond is a fantastic role model to young women. She was a very independent women and never let a man tell her what she needed to do. She always made her own decisions rather they were right or wrong, she wasn’t afraid to take the leap. She stood behind, supported and believed in her husband and I for one, think that is amazing.

I admire the love she has for Rory as well. They were the example of the perfect married couple. Also, Amy Pond was not afraid to tell the doctor how she felt. She never kept anything in. She was so honest which is a trait I admire most. Amy’s relationship with the doctor was just so real. I also enjoy the fact that Amy is and forever be a part of the Doctor’s life. I mean, she is his mother in law and all… Being able to cosplay the beautiful Amy Pond is just an honour and it will be a memory to look back on when I get older. Then again, I always have old Amy to cosplay.

Cosplayer: Matthew from Timelord Travels and Other Such Cosplays
Character: Seventh Doctor

Location: UK

Cosplayer: Matthew Bain Character: Seventh DoctorI cosplay as the 7th doctor because he is my favourite classic doctor! Yes, you can get all the sexy, beautiful modern ones, but the classics were amazing!

Mccoy’s 7th Doctor was an amazingly brilliant character who could show rage through his eyes alone, he was action heavy an adventurous and didn’t need to help of a screwdriver, he just used his umbrella! He is by far one of the best Doctors, that is why I cosplay as him!

Cosplayer: Kaitlin Ross Cosplay
Character: Amy Pond

Location: USA

Cosplayer: Kaitlin Ross Cosplay Character: Amy PondI love Amy because she’s not afraid to speak up, to be herself. She wants to let the Doctor know what she thinks. And because of that, a lot of lives have been saved. And getting to be her, even for just a few hours at a convention, is amazing and fun.

Not to mention, her outfits are fantastic. Who doesn’t mind getting a chance to show off her legs once in a while?

I make most of my outfits from a very small budget, hitting up thrift shops, overstock stores, and craft stores. It’s fun to make an entirely new person from next to nothing. After all, isn’t that what cosplay is?

Cosplayer: Amanda from Amaleigh Photography
Character: Clara (Oswin) Oswald

Location: USA

Cosplayer: Amaleigh Photography Character: Oswin OswaldOriginally, it was hard for me to let go of the Ponds as they were my favourite companions but Clara’s introduction really caught me. I absolutely adored her as Souffle Girl! Her relationship with the Doctor was fantastic!

Doctor Who is one of the few shows that will remain on my always watch list. The characters are so diverse and the story lines are incredible! And when the twelve doctor’s episodes come around? You can bet I’ll be sitting on the couch with a Tardis mug waiting excitedly!

Cosplayer: Shane Wiggans
Character: The Silence
Location: USA

Cosplayer: Shane Wiggans Characrer: The SilenceI love to Cosplay because it reminds me of a time when I was a kid. At that time, I could play with imaginary friends and explore new worlds with a cardboard box as my time machine.

Now, as an adult, I’m able to actually look like the things I imagined! Even more, I even get the opportunity to interact with the actors that inspire and entertain me!

Top image: Old Girl, her feature is coming up in part seven.

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If you’d like to be featured in the ‘Cosplay Spotlight‘ please send a picture of you in your cosplay and a paragraph(s) about why you cosplay that character and email it to us (DWCosplayers@gmail.com)

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