The Cosplay Spotlight – Part 5

We’re back for part 5 of our weekly ‘Cosplay Spotlight‘ feature. Every week a selection of cosplayers tell us why they cosplay and why they pick the characters that they do.

If you’d like to take part details on how to do so can be found at the end of the article.

Cosplayer: Ryan Montgomery
Character: Eleventh Doctor
Location: USA

Cosplayer: Ryan Montgomery Character: Eleventh Doctor My name is Ryan Montgomery and I cosplay as the 11th Doctor. It kind of started as a friend and I watching Doctor Who together and she mentioning I resembled Matt Smith’s looks. I had just gotten into Doctor Who at the time and was hooked, if there was something to watch, read, or see about the show I was looking for it. I was drawn most to 11 in character, whimsical yet fierce. That and having a habit sniffing out something out of place make him my Doctor.

Cosplayer: Matthew Eberle of ME Cosplay
Character: Captain Jack Harkness
Location: USA

Cosplayer: Matthew Eberle Character: Captain Jack HarknessDoctor Who is an amazing show that brings people together. It carries with it that wonderful quality of having a little something for everyone. To be honest, my favorite part of this show is, in fact, its fan base. I love that moment when you meet someone completely new only to discover that you both watch Doctor Who. Then you spend the next ten minutes geeking out; arguing story points and quoting great lines to discussing the values and ideas the show presents about humanity.

Every time I’m asked why I cosplay Captain Jack Harkness, I unhesitatingly reply, ‘because he is everything the Doctor cannot be.’ Jack is the free-loving, gun slinging space cowboy of the Doctor Who Universe. He is the Sexy-Wexy to the Doctor’s Wibbly-Wobbly; willing to make the hard decisions and pull the trigger when no one else can. But at the end of the day, Jack is just one man trying to save the world one “Hello” at a time.

Besides…who said I was Cosplaying.

Cosplayer: Kristin of BenaeQuee Costumer and Hoop Dancer
Character: Amy Pond
Location: USA

Cosplayer: BenaeQuee - Costumer and Hoop Dancer Character: Amy Pond Photo By: David Skirmont DCon 2013I’ve been sewing since I was 8 years old, and costuming for almost as long. I’ve been in the Doctor Who fandom for about 2 years now. My first DW costume would be the popular Amy Pond Kissogram outfit. It was easy enough to put together with found pieces and I didn’t have to sew anything really, other than the patches on the vest. I chose this one since it was so iconic and a lot of fun to wear. My friends also said I needed to do that one first since they insisted I resembled Karen.

What I love most about Amy is that she is a fighter, she doesn’t stand down, and she is a strong woman. She also has a great sense of fashion that I’ve taken and warped into my own every day wear!

I’ve since created a few more Amy costumes, including her coveted Pineapple Dress (which I recreated the fabric for). I even branched out into a custom 50’s inspired TARDIS dress, 40’s inspired 10th Doctor skirt suit, and the “Idiot’s Lantern” rose dress. Wanting to be even more creative, I took my Marie Antoinette gown (which is mostly hand sewn and period correct) and made a clockwork droid mask from scratch. I figured I may as well re-use a costume that was just sitting in my closet and give it new life. It was debuted at NYCC 2013 and it was a hit right away.

Several friends didn’t even know if it was me under the mask or not, and a few people ran away in fear from the creepiness factor. It was a lot of fun to silently sneak up behind someone and pose until they turned around and noticed. This resulted in slowly “chasing” one poor woman around the show floor while her boyfriend laughed and took photos.

I have a few more plans for 2014, including more Amy costumes, and perhaps another masked costume if I have the time and materials to do so. I love hanging out with like minded individuals and have made a lot of new friends in the last 2 years due to DW. The NYC area has a pretty nice fan base going and we’ll sometimes meet up at random locations like Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Way Station Bar (it has a TARDIS for a loo!).

My other interests include cats, modeling/acting, Star Wars, antiques, fashion, and cooking/baking.  I am also a Hula Hoop Dancer and have danced for a few events around NYC.

Cosplayer: Rita Saxon
Character: Clara Oswald
Location: Russia

Cosplayer: Rita Saxon Character: Clara Oswald Location: RussiaI’ve been the big doctor who fan for a long time. And I always wanted to cosplay. And Series 7 of Doctor Who gave me the best opportunity for cosplay which is Clara Oswald.

So, I started cosplay as Clara, because I really adore her! She’s funny, brave, bossy… She’s kind of reminding me of myself, by the way. Also, it’s easier for me to cosplay her, ’cause I have some things in my closet, which are very close to her clothes! And her outfits are so adorable!

I’ve tried to cosplay characters from another series/films, but I didn’t feel right when I cosplayed them… But I definitely feel right, when I cosplay Clara. And I’m trying to do it better, to make it perfect!

Cosplayer: Portrait of a Timelady
Character: K-9
Location: USA

Cosplayer: Portrait of a Timelady Character: K-9 Location: USASome fans may not consider K9 to be much more than an annoying tin dog that once palled around with the Doctor. I’ve seen this mentality in fans of the new and old series alike, but I feel that he was an important part of the Doctor’s life and in my opinion deserves our respect.

His screen time has shown us his skills in battle as he fought off enemies to protect the Doctor, and even his proficiency as a mobile data bank for all the information that the Doctor was too stubborn to remember himself. I also enjoy his unique sense of humor; despite being originally portrayed as a cold and emotionless robot, we often see him back sassing and dishing out delicious pieces of witty sarcasm to the Doctor and his companions. I decided to take on the challenge of cosplaying him because I love his character so much and think he deserves as much recognition as possible.

Top image: Amy Pond by Kristin Williams, her feature is coming up in part six.

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