Lizzie's Cosplay Cosplay: Rose Sofie Hvid Mølenberg: Eleventh Doctor Camilla Olesen: Donna Noble Emma Brøgger Conradsen: Amy Pond Edit: Lee Shanks - Cosplay & Cie

Picture Edits by Lee Shanks Cosplay and Cie

A picture paints a thousand words as the old saying goes…

 Cosplayer: Forever Raggedy Cosplay - 11th Doctor Cosplayer Character: Eleventh Doctor  Edit: Lee Shanks - Cosplay & CieOne of the fun and interesting things about cosplay (apart from putting the outfit togehter) is being able to try to recreate your favourite scenes and character poses.

On the Doctor Who Cosplay page we’ve seen many examples of great photography where people have been able to find great locations and create thier own version of screen shots.

However there are some sets that no matter how hard you try you could never find a substitute for (The Tadirs interior is a classic example), you can get the pose but the picture you want is just out of reach.

That’s where the art of picture editing come in, if you can get the pose it’s possible to add in a backgroud to make the picture you want.

Cosplayers: Michael Davis, Unofficial Tenth Doctor Impersonator and Lizzie's Cosplay Characters: Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler  Edit: Lee Shanks - Cosplay & CieFrench cosplayer Loan Pras of Lee Shanks Cosplay and Cie emailed us to show some examples of the works he has done for a selection of cosplayers (examples are included in this post). He has also offered the editing service to any cosplayers that wish to make use of it.

If you’d like a picture edit head over to Lee Shanks Cosplay and Cie and send them a message.

For examples of the edits they have done follow this link.

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