Cosplayer: Laura Paulmard Character: Eleventh Doctor

We’re A Month Old

How time flies! is one month old today! So to mark this occassion we through we’d share what have been our top ten most viewed posts so far.

Here’s the top 10:

1. Picture of the Day – 11th July 2013
2. Photo Galleries
3. Character Cosplay Posts
4. Picture of the Day – 31st December 2013
5. The Doctor and her Tardis by Kanami Kosplay and MagykTrix Cosplay
6. Susan Foreman by Gwendolyn Billings
7. Picture of the Day – 15th December 2013
8. Eighth Doctors Tardis by Arisu Cosplay
9. Doctor Who Companion Cosplayers
10. The Cosplay Spotlight

Seventh Doctor by Alan Fry PetersWhat we’re currently in the process of doing is backfilling all the old pictures of the day from the Facebook page, this should be complete soon.

In the future we hope to bring you a selection of diffrent cosplay related posts as well as the daily picture.

If you tell us the types of posts you’d like to see we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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