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Character Cosplay Posts

A little while ago the League of Extraordinary Cosplayers did a series of posts to celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

One of the posts focused on Doctor Who Companion cosplays, the ideas was to show a selection of cosplayers and give a paragraph to say why they like that character.

We really liked this idea, so… we thought we’d borrow it 🙂

What we’d like to do is, on a regular(ish) basis, do a post showing different cosplay examples for a character. For example a selection of Eleventh Doctor cosplays, Rose cosplays etc, etc.

The posts will not be a ‘best of’ as we don’t find it appropriate to rate any one cosplayer above another. What we need for this to work is pictures and accompanying paragraphs.

Here’s an example from A Portrait of a Timelady:

Romana II by A Portrait of a TImeladyRomana II – A Portrait of a Timelady

What draws me to Doctor Who is the overall imaginative nature of the show. The writers make the show fun and whimsical, but at the same time send across an important message to the viewers; everyone is important. From the Doctor and his Granddaughter turning two ordinary schoolteachers into fellow defenders of the universe to the unassuming department store clerk and beyond, the Doctor has always been able to find the greatness in ordinary people.

As for why I chose to cosplay Romana II; I first saw her in the serial “City of Death” and adored her right from the start. She outsmarts, out-sasses, and out-maneuvers the Doctor at any given turn, always giving him a run for his money… er… jelly babies. I always find myself drawn to the companions who can match the Doctor intellectually, but Romana has a very unique, inexplicable banter with him that makes them such an awesome pairing. My favorite part of cosplaying her is getting to bicker with my boyfriend who cosplays the 4th Doctor.” – example is from League of Extraordinary Cosplayers. (give their site a visit!)

If you’d like to take part just send us as email with a picture and a paragraph and when we get enough we’ll start posting 🙂

Our email is DWCosplayers@gmail.com

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