Doctor Who Companion Cosplayers

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The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is approaching which has caused the public to reminisce and debate about who their favourite Doctor Who is. However it is important to remember that it is not just the Doctor that has made the show what it is. Where would our beloved Doctor be without his trusted companion to help him save the day? So I spoke with several ‘companion’ cosplayers who shared their love for the show and the character.

Rose Tyler – Kerraldine
Photographer Heroes Alliance UK (check them out!)

rose kerraldine psDoctor Who… what can I say? He’s a man who fascinates me, makes me laugh, teaches me, someone I would wait for life to travel with, and very few people, let alone men, have me under their spell like the Doc. I could only dream of being his companion. Rose was the one I found a piece of me in. She…

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